About Us

Ripple Engine began in 2024 as an expansion of the work of Milstein Media. Our vision is to empower individuals and small businesses to grow and thrive. Our mission is to provide them with the tools to do so: web design, social media, photography, video, and tech support. Think of us as your trusted technology advisor.

We help businesses and individuals take charge of their online presence. We realize that you have a lot of choices, but we pride ourselves on being friendly, local, affordable, and experienced.

We have decades of web design background, as well as a strong understanding of online marketing and sales.

Friendly and Local

There are a lot of cookie-cutter web design tools out there. But if you look closely, almost all of them are there to upsell you on expensive design services. And by whom? Oftentimes, it is someone halfway across the globe. Team up with your neighbors. Team up with your connections. Don’t settle.

Affordable and Experienced

Automation and outsourcing will give you a cheap result. But hiring a coder is lengthy, expensive, and often unnecessary based on your needs. Coding is a speciality and a trade that is needed in some situations but not all. Hiring a coder for a small business website is like hiring a plumber to do a paint job.

We allow you more freedom and customization; that gives you more options. We are a company that is focused on providing solutions, not products.

Why Work with Us?

Passion. Grit. Loyalty. If you’re looking for an expensive marketing company with high-end clients, look elsewhere. If you want a team who will put their heart, soul, and effort into their work, you’ve come to the right place.

Mostly, we are just people looking to help. We’re not software, machines, AI, trying to store or sell your information. We’re helpers.

We provide you with world-class expertise. Our team is well-educated, with over a decade of experience in the world of technology, marketing, and education. And if we don’t know the answer, we do our best to find it for you. We lead with integrity and energy.

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